IKO protect liquid waterproofing systems

For more than 15 years Atab develops, produces and sells liquid waterproofing systems. These systems have been grouped in the IKOprotect product portfolio in 2010. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions for both new build and renovation projects.

Advantages of liquid waterproofing systems

      • Forms a seamless and vapour-permeable waterproofing membrane with a minimal load.
      • Is installed without the use of naked flame, which considerably increases safety and could have an impact on your insurance premium.
      • Is installed quickly and simply on both complex and/or technical structures and details.
      • Can be applied on top of an existing waterproofing system, saving dismantling costs.
      • Is permanently elastic, fills small cracks and is resistant to thermal and structural movements.
      • A specific RAL colour can be obtained upon request.
      • With the same products a 10-year system and a 25-year system can be obtained.
      • Atab sells products with CE marking and systems with European technical assessment (ETA).

Service package:

Atab aims to achieve total quality assurance for your projects. For this reason, Atab applies strict requirements for the selection of qualified IKOprotect contractors. Recognition is only granted after a thorough theoretical and practical training course and a successful test.

Atab supports its construction partners through all phases of the construction process, i.e., starting from the specification phase, through the implementation phase and up to and including the commissioning of the project and the after-care.

In concrete terms, this commitment involves the following: • Accountability for the recommendedstructure • Quality inspections of the implementation by the qualified IKOprotect contractor. This is carried out on the basis of detailed written reports, which are then discussed during construction site meetings. • Drawing up of a clear commissioningreport and discussion of this report with the client, architect and qualified IKOprotect contractor. • Recommendations regarding after-care, maintenance contracts and inspections.

This comprehensive insured warranty can be obtained for a number of liquid waterproofing systems. Linked to the above-mentioned service package, it will provide you with a durable and solid coverage. The overall surface is guaranteed in terms of waterproofing, whereby any unexpected leaks due to installation errors are also covered. Because Atab also has inspections carried out during the installation, Atab also insures the products and the application. For the building owner, this is an additional guarantee that claims for damages are possible for a period of 10 years and are guaranteed.