IKO Sedum Blankets are a mixture of more than 16 varieteis of sedum to create colour and interest.  Additional options are to include herbs into the mixture to add and enhance biodiversity.  IKO also offer Plug Plants grown specifically to cope with harsh rooftop environments.

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IKOgreen Wildflower Blankets –  A Truly Natural Landscape Finish

IKOgeen Wildflower Blankets are a mix of attractive native wildflowers and grasses to provide the appearance of a wildflower meadow.  Drought tolerant flowers including Cowslip, Lady’s Bedstraw, Meadow Buttercup, Red Campion, Self Heal, Yarrow and Yellow Rattle, mixed with non-aggressive meadow grasses.  These wildflower blankets provide a food source for birds and a favourable habitat for butterflies and other insects.


IKOgreen Growing Substrates are specially formulated mixtures.  The formulation carefully balances the requirements of place sustenance, water retention and ensures propagation of the selected plants.  IKO Growing Substrate bags contain approximately 1m3 each.


IKO Biodiverse Growing Substrate is a lightweight substrate made from coarse recycled brick and aircrete, composted bark and medium clay soil.  The substrate has been carefully designed to accept wildflower seeding and promote the natural colonisation of habitat plant life, to encourage the successful development of local wildlife.