In January 2008, UK mastic asphalt became the first industry in the world to achieve the CarbonZero standard.

Our independent contractors, hauliers, and installers are now 100% committed to reducing climate change by cutting the carbon footprint of any building, anywhere.This means anyone choosing advanced mastic asphalt systems to waterproof their project will get a totally CO2 neutral solution – ideal for eco friendly developments. The Carbon100 initiative also means thousands of associated sub-contractors will have to meet the strict CarbonZero standard.

A footprint for others to follow

To achieve CarbonZero status, the UK mastic asphalt industry is effectively taxing itself in the interests of the environment.

Individual companies have taken this route before but this is a world first for an entire industry. Through Carbon100, Permanite Asphalt in conjunction with MAC (Mastic Aspahlt Council) is guaranteeing its customers unrivalled structural waterproofing with no discernible carbon footprint.

By pooling resources and reaching a unanimous decision, we are now in a position to influence the green thinking of every industry in the world.

Through this remarkable feat, we want to inspire the entire construction industry – in Britain, Europe and across the globe – to unite with us in the battle against climate change.

We are delighted to be leading the way in offsetting carbon emissions but hope it’s not too long before others join us in setting the CarbonZero standard.