Durable Flooring Protection

Floor-(2)IKO’s mastic asphalt flooring systems are specially manufactured to achieve specific performance requirements, from light domestic use right through to heavy industrial duty. The product can be a self finished flooring in its own right, or alternatively it can act as an underlay for tiles, carpeting etc.

Until the wide spread adoption of polythene sheet DPM’s in the early 1960’s, mastic asphalt was a standard method of providing protection from damp in millions of homes, factories, offices and public buildings. Indeed, it is still providing this function in many Victorian structures over 100 years later. The product can be specified in existing homes where the DPM has failed allowing a quick simple fix with minimum disruption.Mastic asphalt flooring is normally laid with a matt or natural float finish. Once installed, it offers a quality, dust free, seamless and user-friendly surface. This makes it perfect for industrial applications where there are likely to be high levels of traffic from forklifts and similar types of vehicles.

A mastic asphalt floor provides a hard wearing, durable surface which will resist the passage of dampness and which can be brought into service as soon as it has cooled to ambient temperature. The material’s sheer versatility, inherent waterproofing properties and wearing qualities make it the obvious choice for the specifier.