British Standard Mastic Asphalt for Paving
(Limestone Aggregate) to BS 1447: 1988

Although Kitemarked and covered by BSI certification the following grades are manufactured to within much narrower requirements than those set out in the British Standard specification.

Pavestar B - BS 1447/I/B/S

Basic paving grade of asphalt, asphaltic cement composition 100% bitumen. Provides proven performance at an economic price.

Pavestar T - BS 1447/I/T50/S

As above but with the addition of 50% Trinidad Lake asphalt to give improved laying qualities and greater thermal stability.

Pavestar H - BS 1447/I/T50/H

For heavily trafficked (stressed) areas

Special Grades

Permanite Asphalt also manufactures special grades in its Pavestar range, to include:

  •  Red Road Paving
  •  Bridge Deck Paving
  •  Military Tank Paving
  •  Acid Resisting Paving