IKO Polymeric’s range of primers, adhesives and cleaners are essential accessories that form an integral part of most roofing systems. From preparing the substrate to cleaning and bonding membranes and insulation, this range helps to ensure optimum installation and long-lasting waterproofing performance.

Surface Preparation Products

IKOpro Quick Dry PrimerIKOpro Systems Bonding AgentArmourplan PVC Refurbishment Primer

Membrane and Insulation Adhesives

IKOpro High Performance PU AdhesiveIKOpro Sprayfast PU AdhesivesSpectrabond Low Foam PU AdhesiveSpectraplan TPE Contact AdhesiveArmourplan PVC Contact Adhesive

Membrane Cleaners and Sealants

Armourplan PVC Membrane CleanerArmourplan PVC Membrane SealantArmourprep PVC Roof Cleaner