IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent is a solvent based primer based on synthetic rubber and resins which is specially formulated to activate self-adhesive bitumen roofing membranes to promote a strong bond even at low temperatures. 

Satisfactory bonding of self-adhesive bitumen roofing membranes is possible at temperatures as low as 5°C with the bond strength increasing with time. IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent is ready to use and can easily be applied by brush or roller.
Features and Benefits
  • Activates self-adhesive bitumen coatings to allow installation at temperatures as low as 5°C
  • Quick drying - primer dries within 30 minutes in good conditions
  • Allows flame free installations - no requirement for hot bitumen or gas torches, when using self-adhesive membranes


Technical Datasheets

IKOpro Systems Bonding Agent TDS

Health & Safety Data

IKO Systems Bonding Agent