IKO Systems VCL’s are high performance vapour barriers for adhered IKO Polymeric roofing systems that can be applied in a range of ways.

Systems T-O VCL (Torch-on) is a high performance vapour control layer for use in adhered IKO Polymeric systems. It comprises an impervious aluminium core, reinforced with polyester and coated with a specially formulated quick melt SBS modified bitumen. The lower surface has a sacrificial film which rapidly melts during the torching operation.

Systems S-A VCL (Self-Adhesive) is a high performance vapour barrier for use in adhered IKO Polymeric systems. It is composed of a polyester reinforced aluminium core, coated with a rubber modified, self-adhesive bitumen coating. The membrane is protected on the underside with a release film backing and coated on the top surface with a fine mineral finish. A minimum selvedge of 75mm width, protected with release film, provides a quick means of completing side laps.
Features and Benefits
  • Aluminium core
  • High tensile polyester base
  • High resistance to damage and delamination
  • SBS bitumen coating low temperature flexibility -20°C
  • Prevents penetration of water vapour and damage to roof construction


Technical Datasheets

Systems VCLs TDS