Setting new standards in bonding performance

Though always hidden, the adhesives used to bond waterproofing or insulation to a
substrate are critical to the performance of a roof. IKO’s new and expanded range of
polyurethane-based adhesives has been specifically developed to offer professional roofing contractors the ultimate bonding solution for insulation and membranes. By combining ease of application with long term durability, they deliver an unrivalled “fit and forget”, guaranteed performance and the benefit of colour-coded products for ease of
identification on site.

Independently tested and approved by the BRE

No other manufacturer has ever submitted its roofing adhesives to the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for testing.

When it's the safety and security of your building at stake, why would you risk an untested alternative?

Explore our range

IKOpro PU Adhesives: A range of high-performance single-part moisture-curing polyurethane adhesives developed for specific applictions.

  • IKOpro PU Adhesive for Insulation Boards »

  • IKOpro PU Adhesive for Roofing Membranes »

IKOpro Fastick Adhesives: A range of Innovative cartridge-applied solvent-free two-part polyurethane adhesives specifically developed to ensure a rapid high-strength bond.

  • IKOpro Fastick for Insulation Boards »

  • IKOpro Fastick for Roofing Membranes »