A range of high-performance single-part moisture-curing polyurethane adhesives developed for specific applications.

IKOpro PU Adhesive (insulation)

A high-foaming solvent-free PU adhesive specifically developed to securely bond a wide range of insulation boards.

Features & Benefits
  • BRE-Approved bonding strength
  • Fast curing rates
  • Non-flammable, contractors-safe system
  • Products coloured for ease of identification


Application is straightforward,directly from the container. The substrate msut be dry when applying the adhesive as any moisture will create a barrier between substrate and adhesive, reducing the bond strength between them.

Only a thin film of IKOpro PU Adhesive is required. Any excess adhesive should be rolled or spread to prevent excessive foaming.

Curing time for the adhesive will depend on ambient temperature and humidity but is typically:

  • 60 minutes at 5°C
  • 30 minutes at 20°C

Typical Warm Roof System