Page24_TopLeft1IKO Paving Support Pads allow paving to be laid on waterproofing membranes, facilitating the transformation of flat roof areas into patios, terraces, balconies and walkways.

Product Features & Benefits:
  • Manufactured from heavy duty, chemical resistant, solid polypropylene
  • Adjustable, simple and easy to install
  • Stackable to allow a variable space beneath the paving
  • Certified compression test data available on request
  • Incorporate spacing nibs to maintain a consistent drainage gap between paving
  • Can easily be divided into halves and quarters, for use at edges and corners of paved areas
IKO Adjustable Paving Support Pads

Are an effective way of creating a void beneath the slabs large enough to conceal pipes, cables and other utility installations & services.

IKO Paving Support Pads & Shims

For use on consistent and level flat roof areas. Shims are available for fine height adjustment of the IKO Paving Support Pads.