Protectoboard is a protection and roof recovery board fabricated with a bituminous core sandwiched between two layers of non-woven glass fibre reinforcement. It offers durable and reliable performance, and is fully compatible with a range of bituminous and non-bituminous waterproofing systems.

Protectoboard is ideal for isolating and preparing the surface of existing roofing systems ready for the preparation of new bituminous roofing membranes, compatible polymeric membranes and liquid waterproofing systems.

Features and Benefits
  • Use for existing surface preparation or finished waterproofing protection
  • Robust and dimensionally stable
  • 3.2mm thick (standard) & 12.5mm thick (by special order)
  • Mechanically fixed or bonded in bitumen/PU adhesive
  • Easily cut and formed on site
  • Easily stored, requiring minimum storage space
  • Can directly receive torch applied, bitumen bonded or SA roof membranes
  • Ideal for use with IKO's range of torch-on products


Technical Datasheets

ProtectoBoard TDS